Here at Edinburgh denture clinic we run on time so as to see you at the time your appointment is booked for. We know your time is valuble too.


Preventative Care: Check-up at least once a year


With full dentures you should come for a check-up at least once a year to ensure you are looking after your dentures properly, to have their condition checked, and to be sure that the underlying tissues are still healthy. If you have partial dentures, you should have regular checkups with a dentist to keep the natural teeth and surrounding structures healthy.


We also check the cusps of the teeth to ensure there is no premature wear.


Our tip: Ask our advice and make your next appointment at the end of each visit.


Clinic Charges: Only if you have treatment


Consultations are free.


New dentures require a 25% deposit upon first appointment and the balance on the fitting of your new dentures.


Other services are paid for when the denture is fitted after any work has been completed.


We accept most major credit/ debit cards, apart from American express.



                       COMPLAINTS PROCEEDURE



In the event you have a problem or complaint with any treatment received at Edinburgh denture clinic you can expect it to be dealt with swiftly and professionally in the following way!


First step is to contact Mr Roger McLachlan at the clinic and tell him what your complaint/problem may be and he will give you an appointment as soon as possible  (within  no more than couple of days) so that he can see what the issue is and determine the best course of action to rectify/fix the problem.


When you come in for your appointment Mr McLachlan will have a thorough look at the issue that you are not happy with, listen carefully to your concerns, and will discuss with you the complaint and what he can do to try and resolve the issue,(you will be fully involved and will be able to ask any questions or air any concerns you may have  and will in no way be made feel uncomfortable about complaining) as it is just as important to rectify problems as it is to give treatment in the first place. When Mr McLachlan has inspected and identified the issue and determined the best way to solve the problem, he will give you a time scale (if it is just something simple to adjust/fix then it will be completed at this appointment, if it is a more complex  issue he will make the rectification of the problem his first priority and try and have this resolved in no more than 1.5  weeks (quicker if at all possible) as long as we can agree appointment times for you to attend and have any new impressions etc that may be required to complete the work, and any required appointments at that stage so you will know what to expect and what is going to be done to resolve the issue. Please note, there will be no more charges to rectify the problem.


You also have the right to complain to 

HEALTHCARE  IMPROVEMENT SCOTLAND  at any time on 0131 623 4342 or by email to NATALIEGRAHAM8@NHS.SCOT


Health improvement Scotland, Gyle square, 1 south gyle crescent, Edinburgh,EH12 9EB

Any further questions?


Please call us on 0131 661 6026