Looking after your dentures and preventing excess wear through cleaning.

                           HOW WE CAN HELP YOU



 Good dentures can help to improve or maintain a good quality of life and may serve you well for many years if they are looked after properly.

For cleaning we recomend that you have an appointment every 6-12 months so we can assess the function and wear factors on the denture and make any slight adjustments that may be needed we will also clean and polish the dentures in the lab which will make them easier for you to clean and reduce the build up of any stains that get harder to shift over time. we can also keep a check on the oral tissues which will alow us to pick up any signs of disease or problems before they get worse and treat in the most appropriate way, which could even be referal to another dental professional if necessary to keep a healthy mouth and a happy patient.




When you use any denture cleaner it is vital that you read and adhear to the manufacturers instructions as they can have a detrimental affect on your dentures over a period of time if you don't. Most denture cleaners are effective if used correctly. We recomend that you put about 2-3 inches of water in the wash hand basin as this helps to reduce the risk of breakage should you drop them in the wash hand basin.

  We have found that a warm soap and water mix with a soft brush works well and has no dertimental affect on your dentures.      



If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a denture breaking or cracking, "PLEASE DO NOT SUPERGLUE IT TOGETHER"!! as the glue can dissolve the edges of the fracture making it impossible to put back together in the right position usually resulting in a denture that can't be repaired. Also, the super glue (or any other glue for that matter) is not designed for use in the oral cavity (mouth) and can therefore be toxic.